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Crystal River, Florida is located on the west, gulf coast side of Citrus County. The City of Crystal River is famous as a sleepy little fishing village that has grown up in recent years. Featuring modern facilities, a large shopping mall, airport, restaurant chains and large hotels. However the area recreation still centers around the water.

With quick access to the Gulf of Mexico through King's Bay, you can find plenty of people on the water. Fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming in the springs, rivers, bay and the Gulf of Mexico are popular activities.

Perhaps the most famous attraction here are the Crystal River manatees. Crystal River and King's Bay are home to one of the largest manatee herds in the world. These endangered mammals swim up the temperate, spring-fed rivers during the winter months and people come from all over to witness these gentle giants. There are many local Crystal River dive shops that surround the area offering boat rentals, guided manatee tours, or even manatee snorkel tours where you can swim with the manatees.

Also famous in Crystal River is the Plantation Inn and Golf Resort, steeped in southern history. The Plantation Inn offers the charm of a southern plantation with the modern luxuries of a spa, fine dining, 9 and 18 hole golf course, tennis, volleyball and enormous swimming pool as well as boat rentals and manatee tours.

If you are looking to build a special waterfront home in Crystal River or any of the surrounding communities, let calling Pinecrest Building Corporation be your first step.

Fresh fish and fine seafood dining are available in Crystal River, Florida. There is even a scalloping season, and with a boat, a bucket and a little practice, you can haul in your own scallops. Fresh Shrimp, Stone Crabs and Oysters are brought in from the nearby Apalachicola area.

Crystal River also offers some very beautiful and affordable waterfront property compared to other Florida waterfront communities. If you visit Crystal River, you must take a drive along King's Bay Drive. Dotted with spectacular sea-side homes and views of King's Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the sunsets will take your breath away. Other communities include Crystal Manor, with large wooded acre lots, and the area around the Seven Rivers Golf and Country Cub. You can also take a long ride out Fort Island Trail to the beach and see all the sea-side stilt homes.

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