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Almost everything has “come together” just as we planned. We will recommend Pinecrest Building Corp. to anyone who inquires and we will be happy to have you show our home to any prospective customers.
Dick and Myrna Evans, Meadowcrest

Your Builder for Life

In a day when we often build life long relationships with certain professionals such as doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and others, there is a local home builder that believes they too can be thought of in a similar manner. This home builder is Pinecrest Building Corp. and they believe that they can in fact be, "Your Builder for Life."

When you first think about it, well it sounds a bit too much to ask. I mean, sure doctors and bankers are people that we expect to have a continued relationships with because these are professionals who's services are needed on a fairly regular basis. Except that we hope that our doctors visits aren't too frequent, but it begs the question, how does a home builder expect to become anyone's builder for life?

Well although it may be conceded that most people are far more likely to visit their accountant regarding income tax filing, or their family practitioner for whatever ails them, Pinecrest Building Corp. knows from past experiences that they too learn a great deal about their clients. It's expected that these other professionals learn certain bits of our private lives, well it's apparently not much different for Pinecrest. In fact, during the early discussion phases with those that dream of having a new home built, much is learned from these prospective home buyers in order to determine space needs, and any required specifications or features. Often Pinecrest is building a home for a couple which is concerned about their later years in life and are looking for ways to make their new home more accommodating to those needs, such as grab bars in the tub, shower and other areas.

Perhaps there is a need to plan for future ramps in the home, or the Owner simply needs Pinecrest to help them plan for a workshop area in the garage or a special hobby room. The point is that each owner brings different needs and desires to the planning table and each divulges something of themselves during the process. No matter, each Pinecrest customer can be assured that their individual needs will be addressed in a courteous and professional manner.

The driving force behind this company's attitude is John Osborne who is Pinecrest's owner. His company has been building custom homes in Citrus County since 1988 in such communities as Citrus Hills, Meadowcrest, Riverhaven Village, Pine Ridge and Sugarmill Woods. John believes that his company has enjoyed a certain amount of success over these many years in part because he thinks that you should treat people the way you would expect to be treated.

He believes that Pinecrest has survived in a very competitive business where others have failed because of a couple of important reasons. One is John's continued service to his industry by his active participation in the Citrus county Builders Association.
Since 1990, John has sat on the board as a director, both served and chaired many committees, and served many offices of the CCBA including President.

One of the committees that John continues to actively participate on is the Governmental Affairs Committee which keeps it's members updated on such things as changes to local building codes and ordinances. It was this kind of dedication and service to his industry that earned him recognition from his peers in the CCBA by awarding him the prestigious Builder of the Year Award on three separate occasions. Furthermore, through his affiliation with the National Association of Home Builders, John applied for a spot in a national peer group, formed by NAHB and was accepted in 1999. This group of approximately 20 custom home builders from around the country, John considers to be his national board of directors. He considers this to be a group of his peers that can review every facet of his business including business and marketing plans, as well as financial and customer service documents.

This brings us to another point that John credits his success to, the fact that home building is his career and his profession, not just something that he fell into. Home building is all that he has been around since working part time for a builder after school of his senior year in high school, and during two summers. In fact, if you were to forget about that limited experience and just thought about the rest of his life exposure to the home building industry, John has either worked for himself or for other builders for the past thrity years. It is this invaluable experience that he is able to draw from that helps make his company successful.

Of course no business owner could be successful without a great staff and no good home builder could be successful without an excellent stable of craftsmen. Pinecrest is no exception to this rule as they have a staff with a bent on customer service and their home building craftsmen are some of the best in the area. As a result, Pinecrest has enjoyed a successful referral business. In fact, not only have they had the opportunity to build new homes for those that were referred by a friend or family member, but they have also had the opportunity and distinct pleasure to build for repeat customers. So if it's conceivable that a builder would have repeat customers, then this writer would have to conclude that perhaps Pinecrest Building Corp. is on to something here, and that they really can be "Your Builder for Life."

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